An Honorable Profession

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting some of the fine young (and older) men and women that serve in our military. I was so impressed with their conduct and patriotism.  And, I have to admit that I was also proud to say "I'm a teacher" when they asked about my profession.  Some jobs just seem to have more 'honor' attached to them than others, but the truth is... any job can be honorable if it is done with integrity and passion. Yes, even sweeping floors can be honorable. Fixing air conditioning units can be honorable (especially during July and August). Serving fast food meals can be honorable. It isn't the job that makes it honorable. It is the person who is doing the job that makes it honorable.

Not all teachers are honorable. But to those that teach with a passion, who love kids, who love teaching kids, you are the amazing people that keep the love of learning alive.  In spite of many current trends that take the wind out of our sails and knock us down every time we get up, these teachers keep going. They continue to see a light at the end of tunnel. I call it the 'pollyanna complex'.
The honorable teachers constantly search for new and fun ways to help their students learn. They don't shirk from the impossible, but push ahead. And... they succeed in spite of the odds.

Bringing honor to your profession means that you do it with a passion and joy that doesn't compare to anything else. You give it everything you've got and then some. You may have to make some tough decisions- like when it is time to move on and when it is time to back down and when it is time to fight. But, an honorable teacher knows when it is time and has the strength to hold on to his/her convictions and continue fighting the good fight on behalf of our children. Sound like a war zone?  Some days it feels like one.  Some days you think that the enemy has captured the campus, but you always look for the day of victory.

I am thankful for the gifts that God gave me to teach. I am also thankful for the opportunities that He has given me to use these gifts. I am thankful for the passion He planted in my heart to work with and teach 'little people' and 'big people'.  I love what I do. I wouldn't change professions for anything in the world.  I am also thankful for all the wonderful military personnel that are fighting to protect my rights to live free and teach.

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