Killing the Spirit of Teachers

Are we killing the spirit of teachers?  Over and over we hear the phrase, "Teachers just want to teach", so why are they not being allowed to teach. What is stopping them?

Rules, guidelines, standards, evaluations, meetings, expectations, challenges, fewer supplies, less support, more enabling and entitlement.  Teachers aren't afraid of rules or guidelines. They are born to function within a boundary. Standards and objectives don't scare us. Teaching with a set of standards or objectives is second nature. Evaluations are just part of the process. Evaluations make us better teachers and help us to improve our skills. Meetings are a necessary evil. Enough said!  Expectations are ... well... expected. We rise to meet challenges everyday. We are tough enough to handle any challenges handed to us.  Fewer supplies has always been the case. Anytime you see a teacher in a discount store, you can bet that she is picking up supplies for her classroom. Less support goes hand in hand with more enabling and entitlement. And this, I believe, is the root of the problem.

We've strayed from holding our parents (yes, parents) and students accountable. Now, teachers carry the load alone. It used to take a team effort, but now the burden of proof lies squarely on the teacher. Students and parents are catered to on almost every level. From the type of desks that students will use to the day and time of parent conferences.  On the flip side, parents that want their child to succeed and work with the school are often labeled as trouble makers. They speak out against lack of discipline and lack of teacher support. They demand that their child is held accountable.  They expect their child to complete all of their missing assignments- with or without credit. True, this type of parent is a dinosaur. Too often parents react in the opposite way which hinders us from doing our jobs. And, administrators are too political to take an unpopular stance.

Pile everything on top of one teacher and it spells B-U-R-N-O-U-T.  Teachers who once loved to spend their days in the classroom, find themselves dreading to go. Something that was once a joy has turned into 'work'.  Once, the parking lot would be filled with cars late in the evening and on week-ends because teachers wanted to be there. Now, it has become a necessity. Seems like teachers are doing more learning than the students.

What will change this current trend and allow teachers to once again enter their classrooms with the joy of teaching?  Respect. Seven little letters that mean so much. Seven little letters that hold so much power.  Respect the learning process. Respect the teacher. Respect the administrators. Respect the parents. Respect the students. Work together as professionals, respecting each one's expertise, experience, and knowledge. Learning from each other and sharing the burden.  Holding each other accountable for their part.  Letting teachers teach.

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