Are Teachers Paid Enough?

Do they pay you enough?  Think about it. You are on call 24/7. You not only teach important life skills, but you also have the responsibility to teach state mandated curriculum. This is just the surface of your responsibilities. Think about everything you do for your 'school family'. You don't just take care of your kids and your classroom, you support your school and your community. You participate in potlucks, take entrance fees at sporting and drama events. You attend numerous meetings and assist in fundraisers.  Teaching consumes you. So, let me ask you again. Do they pay you enough?

How much is enough?  If you babysat the same number of students, daily, for one week, would you earn more or less?  My guess (I've figured this) is more. A lot more.  I know that I am biased, but few really know all that a teacher does, unless you are a teacher or are married to one. Just as other professions are a 'world of their own', so is education. Teachers have to transition, on a daily basis, back and forth between their school world and their home world. Our responsibilities do not end when we leave the classroom. For some of us, another set of responsibilities emerges at the ring of the last bell.

We enter this world willingly and without regret. We know the risk and the cost. The cost to our personal lives, our mental and emotional health, and the affect it will have on our families.  We don't ask for more. We do what we do out of love and commitment. Money does not figure into the equation.

Within the past few years, several teacher unions have requested more respect for the members of their unions, better health care, and more involvement in educational decisions. I have yet to read (or hear) of any teachers or unions requesting more pay. You can't pay us enough.  We don't teach for money. Or summers off. We teach because there is nothing else we would rather do.  We understand that what we do is priceless.

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