The Flip Side of Entitlement

We talk a lot about entitlement and how it is affecting our youth (and adults), but we fail to mention that there is a flip side. Those ethical, thoughtful, kind, concerned individuals who have work ethics and morals and values. Those who do an honest day's work. Those who still value a handshake and all that it represents.  Those who value integrity and honor.

With the increase of the privileged few, the number of those opposing them continues to grow.  More and more conversations center on those that are tired of supporting those with their hands out. In the educational realm, I am seeing more educators raising the bar of accountability. I applaud their efforts, even when they are not recognized and/or supported by their administrators. They are doing the right thing. They are truly preparing their students for responsibilities they will face in adulthood. They are changing the status quo. They are making a difference.

It isn't easy to go against the grain. Like swimming upstream during salmon season in bear country.  It takes courage to do what is right. It takes faith. But who wins? Our kids.  They learn that life isn't fair. Good doesn't always win. And, sometimes being strong is being silent while you cry.  They learn important life skills from these brave educators that put their reputations on the line (and possibly their jobs) to hold their students accountable and teach them that everyone is not a winner.

Teaching a child to learn from their mistakes is as old as time. It is one of the most valuable lessons a child can learn. Teaching them to turn from their self-indulgent ways to self-reliance is a small miracle. The end result is an adult that is a functioning, contributing member of society. Someone that gives and pays back. Someone that demonstrates honor.  Someone that doesn't believe they are entitled simply because they breath air.

Now, that is something to be proud of.

In looking back at my blog statistics, those with the highest number of readers and shares tend to be negative in nature.  This blog that congratulates the endless efforts of educators that care about their students today and tomorrow will probably have fewer readers. I'd like to change that. Share this blog with teachers you know, your favorite teacher, or your colleagues to let them know that you care and appreciate all that they are doing.

Have a great week-end!

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