Is There Really Such a Thing as a Problem Kid?

Okay... let's just put it out there. The kid that drives you crazy is never absent. Not once. Ever. Move?  Not in a lifetime.  Where is justice when you are falling down trying to teach a room of engaged learners and one decides to disrupt the process?  Why does that one kid get under your skin?  You've tried everything. Calling the parents. Inviting the parents to sit in your classroom (this never works, by the way, because 'precious' is always on his/her best behavior in front of mommy and daddy). You've talked to  the principal about the situation. You've collaborated with the other teachers. You've prayed. In short you have used every piece of advice and you're still stuck with a kid that gets on every last nerve.

The worst part of the situation. You're beating yourself up because you feel less than stellar. After all shouldn't teachers love ALL of their kids?  Not so much. We're human. Sometimes people make us uncomfortable. Sometimes we don't like being around certain people. Sometimes we find people annoying. But, we still learn to work with them and for them.  The relationship between teachers and students is no different.

The key word here is Y-O-U. You have tried, but has the child tried? Does the child expect you, because you are an adult, to magically conform to their expectations and change? Yes, you are the adult, but you are also realistic. It takes two to solve a problem. It will take both parties (parents included) to resolve any issues and develop a working relationship. Y-O-U can't do it alone.

Time to bring everybody on board. Time for everyone to have a strong dose of reality. Yes, we are supposed to love everyone. And, I try. But there are some that I just don't like the way they act. That is being honest.  Not what you would expect a teacher to say, but true. Be honest. Be real. And, keep trying, but get parents, principal, and, above all, the student involved. Ignoring the obvious won't make it go away. Deal with it, work through it, and at the end of the day (or week or school year) let it go. You're not perfect and if anyone expects you to be.... well.... let's just say they are in for many more disappointments in life.

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