You Might Be a Teacher if.....

You might be a teacher if you correct grammar on texts. I resisted texting for years. I hated texting. I could not text.  For one thing I was soooooo slow. It took a long time to spell out every word and then go back and correct the auto-correct.

Have you ever corrected kids screaming and throwing  a tantrum at the store?  What about the child that insists on bouncing his basketball inside the grocery store?  Yep, I said something. Just couldn't stop myself. And, of course the parent made excuses for her son. He had trouble listening and following instructions. She knew the grocery store wasn't the best place to play basketball, but he was just a kid (only 13 or 14 years old) and he just had a little trouble with discipline. Whatever.  I would call this enabling.

Do you alphabetize the items in your pantry?  I haven't gone that far, but my pantry is organized AND the items in my freezer are alphabetized. Sounds a little OCD (and probably is), but it really helps speed up the dinner process. Especially on crazy, busy school nights!

Do you use callbacks with your spouse?  I haven't gone that far (in fact, I resist using call backs anywhere), but I have used my "freeze!" phrase on my husband. I found that using the word "freeze" worked wonders with my students. When I said freeze, they would stop what they were doing and wait for further instructions. I can't say that my husband was as receptive. Stunned would be a better word for his reaction.

Do you tell people to use an inside voice? Sometimes I want to tell loud, obnoxious people to lower it a notch, but I don't.  Unless... they are interrupting the movie or causing a major disruption in a restaurant.

No matter where I am or what I'm doing. I just can't seem to leave the teacher in me at school. I'l bet you can't either.

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