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Two years ago I made a difficult decision to leave public school. Not sure what I wanted to do, except do something in education.  I ended up in private education with time on my hands (something that I hadn't had for over 20 years) and a good friend with an idea. She encouraged me to put my lessons and ideas on a teacher's site that she frequented, Teacher's Pay Teachers. Fast forward and I have my store,  less time on my hands, busier than I've ever been.  My store is growing. Slowly. Too slowly for me, but I am learning patience.  The main thing about this journey is that I am having fun! I find the feedback rewarding, especially when I find that something I created has been helpful. And, that is the push behind my passion. I want to create lessons that are helpful. I remember how little time I had when I taught public school full time. I remember how precious my home time was, but how important it was  to find good lessons that would reach my students and motivate them. My goal is to provide challenging, engaging lessons that are teacher-friendly and affordable.  Reading is also my passion, as is non-fiction. So.... most of my resources are informational text resources that (I hope) are high interest!

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  Check out this new resource.  Half-price this week-end - Only $1.50 until Sunday night! Take advantage of the sale, check out my store, and see if my resources can save you time and money.

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