What Do You Dread?

It was the night before our big trip,  the annual trip that my nephew and I make to the zoo.  As usual, I was experiencing some apprehension. What if we had a wreck? The roads are curvy and narrow, the drive is long. Anything could happen. What if one of us got sick?  Could happen, after all we would be eating lunch along the way with grubby, germy hands.  What if I lost the car keys or we got locked out of the car?  Hasn't happened for over 30 years, so it is about time for it to happen again. What if someone stole my purse?  With all the increased break-ins and robberies, this should definitely be on my worry list.

Needless to say,  I had little sleep. I did what I know I should not do- worry. I wasted time of precious rest to worry about things that could happen, but probably wouldn't happen. Things I have no control over (well, maybe my car keys).

And 24 hours later, my fears had proven unfounded and our trip was a success (as usual). We enjoyed the animals, the petting zoo, and the safari drive.  My nephew, a budding wildlife photographer, was in his element. A buffalo on the left, a zebra on the right, and a caracal taking a midday rest.  The highlight of the trip was the moment my nephew told me that he wasn't too old to go to the zoo with his Aunt Kim because we always have so much fun.  

I also thought about all the times that I have let dread or anticipation spoil my wait time.  There are so many times that I pick up a worry and hang on to it. I let my worries control me.  How many times have I led dread about my future ruin my present?  Too many. Sometimes my fears are silly, and other times they are of a more serious nature, but nothing is too big for God to handle. Nothing.

What about you? What do you dread? Whatever it is, focus on God and let it go.  Stop worrying about the journey so much that you don't enjoy the trip. Life has too many special moments to capture and turn into memories to let them slip by.

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