Men in the Classroom

Father's Day made me start thinking of all the men in my life: my dad, my husband, my nephews, friends, loved ones, my boss, and colleagues. It also made me think of the influence men have had on my life. Many of the important lessons in life I learned from my grandfather. He was one in a million. He taught me unconditional love. Grandpa always told me that he loved me perfect. He also modeled to me the importance of controlling your temper and that worrying is a waste of time.  Grandpa's son, my dad, raised me to be strong, independent, and a God-loving woman. I am thankful for their influence in my life.  Both Grandpa and Dad made time for me. They made me feel like there was no one else they'd rather see and nothing else they'd rather do than spend time with me. I know that Dad was working long, hard hours to support my mom, sister, and me, but he made all of us a priority.

A priority. Something or someone that is important. Do all of our students have a male figure in their lives that treats them like a priority? Unfortunately, they all don't have this luxury. Yes, I called it a luxury. Homes where children are priorities are too far and few. We are all so busy, that making time for children has become a luxury to us all.

Each time we step into the classroom, we impact lives.  Children need positive role models to guide them. Someone that they can depend on and trust. Someone that they can talk to. Thinking back to my childhood, I realized the important role that women and men played in my life. I needed all of them to shape the person that I am today. They all played a part, and still do, in my life. Children need good teachers. Not just mother or grandmother figures, but also father and grandfather figures. We need more men in the classroom to be these role models for our young people. We need men in the classroom to provide the rapport and guidance that only a man can provide. Maybe that sounds sexist to you. Maybe it is. But what I know is that children need the positive influence and presence of both male and female in their lives.

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