Just What Do Teachers Do With All That Time Off During the Summer?!?

Well.... let's see. We attend classes or professional development seminars so that we can stay on top of the latest educational trends and make sure that we are using every strategy correctly and efficiently to give our students the best possible education that we can.  We also probe our brains for new and exciting ways to engage our students in the learning process and encourage them to become life-long learners.  We scan the internet for free or teacher-friendly- priced products that we can use in our classrooms.  We meet with colleagues to share plans and ideas and have brainstorming sessions. We teach summer school to earn extra income to take our family on a summer vacation. We attend district in-service events to write district curriculum or learn about new technology.

I know I haven't covered everything, but if I did summer would be over before I got this one posted!  In short, summer break isn't long enough to do everything on our "to-do list". We have big plans, but small time.  How do we fit in everything we need to do and everything we want to do. Prioritize.  Plan (yes, we even plan our summers).

What should we be doing?  Recharging our batteries. We all need to take a mental break, however
that looks to you.  For me, it is sheer joy to know that I don't have to set the alarm. I can take time to enjoy my first cup of coffee. I can allow myself the time to let my imagination go wild creating new lessons and re-doing old ones. I can spend more time with my family. I can enjoy an afternoon iced-tea break with my husband. I can spend more time reading God's word and learning more about my Lord and Savior. I can try new recipes. I can take a nap. I can read a book. I can take an afternoon off and go for a drive. I can watch for the doe and her fawn. I can count the hummingbirds at the feeder. I can enjoy the smell of honeysuckle. I can slow down and relax.  Beautiful words.  Summer vacation.

Whatever summer means to you, take time to do something you really enjoy and love. Take time to care for yourself by resting and relaxing.  Enjoy each precious day and gift.

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This is my latest project (I actually love writing these resources!!!).

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