Making Memories On The First Day of School

The first day of school. Exciting. Fun. Scary. Nerve-wracking. You want your room to be perfect. You can't wait to see the faces of your students when they walk in and see the magical transformation you have created. My first year, I was going for the WOW affect. I wanted one of my bulletin boards to be tactile. Which is why I spray glued sand to the paper covering the board. The glue had strong adhesive powers. I know. I just about rubbed my skin off trying to remove the 'glued-on-sand' from my hands and fingers.  I forgot to wear gloves. And, I forgot to not touch it and press it on. Big mistake. 

For years (Okay I still do this) I would set two alarm clocks. I was so afraid of over-sleeping and missing the big day.  I would also practice getting up and getting ready. I would practice for one week before school started. I wanted to make sure I had my routine down to the final minute. (Not that I am on time, or anything, I just wanted to make sure that I had my routine established.)  I am a creature of habit and routine. Thankfully, I stopped doing this after I got married.  My husband was appreciative.

Fast forward to 2004. I was buzzing along to school. In a hurry. I was late. No big surprise for anyone who knows me. I detest watches. Never worn one. And, I detest being controlled by time.  The kind officer pulled me over and asked why I was in such a hurry. I explained that I was late for school. He gave me a warning and recommended that I get an earlier start. Wished me a good first day of school and sent me on my way. For about 10 feet. His lights came on again. I pulled back over. This time his approach was a little more serious. The name on my vehicle registration and the name on my license didn't match. And... My car tags were expired. I explained that I had gotten married 5 months ago and moved. I hadn't received a notice for my tags so I had probably forgotten about them. He suggested that maybe they were in my glovebox and I had forgotten to put them on my car. I wasn't that lucky. However, I was able to prove that the car was mine because I still had my marriage license with me. And, my husband went to pay my fine so I didn't have to miss school to appear in court. And, I made it to school before my students!

Whatever memories you have of your first days, make this year special. Make some memories. Make some unforgettable moments. And, more than anything have a spectacular first day of school!

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  1. That scenario would put me into orbit! Glad you lived through it! Be safe!

  2. The hardest part was telling my husband :)


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