When is a Teacher NOT a Teacher? Never!

Other professions quit and come 
home, but not teachers. When you are a teacher... 
you are a teacher 24/7. And, why is it when you are  enjoying your "off-duty" time, someone has to spoil it by asking the 'teacher' to do it?  Why do people assume that because you are teacher you can remember how to solve algebra problems?  I haven't used algebra since high school. You know what they say??? If you don't use it, you lose it. Well, mine is definitely lost! 

What makes teaching a unique profession?  Here are five reasons why no other profession is quite like teaching.

1.  Teachers are required to continue their education and professional development until they retire.  Most teachers are responsible for footing the bill too!  Even teachers who take time off, either to take a break or have children, have to provide proof of professional development  during their absence (not in all states).  

2.  Teachers carry their profession with them at all times. At no time in a teacher's life is he/she not a teacher. It doesn't matter if it is a Saturday in July, you are still a teacher. 

3. Teachers receive far less respect (in some systems and some cultures) than other 'white-collar' professions. I frequently heard the phrase, "If you can't do it, become a teacher" in reference to an inadequate college professor that used to be in business. Now, I understand that there is so much more to teaching. In fact, teachers often make the best consultants or entrepreneurs because they have the necessary skill set. 

4.  Teachers aren't just teachers. We are nurses, moms, dads, comforters, advisors, and listeners. Teachers possess a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on , and a back strong enough to carry your load. 

5.  Teachers work longer hours, yes, even in the summer. Summer is the time teachers catch up on their classroom extras, attend classes or conferences, and spend time with their family (more like reintroduce themselves to their family).   

So... as summer draws to a close, think about a teacher, the strongest of the strong and the bravest of the brave, heading back into the trenches for another year nurturing and developing young minds.   Carry on!

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  1. Many professions are like this. As a nurse, and I have not worked in the industry since 2002, I am always called on to do first aid, discuss medical issues etc. Oh, if only I had kept up my professional development I might be able to be of greater assistance.


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