Why Do Things Always Have to Change?

I don't understand why things always have to change. New isn't always good. Sometimes old ways work best. It seems that every time I turn around there is something new in education.  Makes me yearn even more for the good old days.

Now, worksheets are taboo so we call them printables and they sell like hotcakes.  Sitting at a desk or table is too old-school so we sit children on the floor or on pillows. We're in the digital age (just in case you weren't aware of this fact),  so we want to be paperless (which doesn't exactly explain why printables are so popular). We want to use markers, whiteboards, or digital resources, but not paper. Email is the preferred method of communication, and recess has been reduced because it is instructional time we can't afford to lose. Kindergarteners are expected to come to school already knowing their shapes, colors, alphabet, and how to tie their shoes.

So, I'm just going to say it. I sat in a desk. In a row, of all things. I had worksheets. I had to memorize the multiplication tables and the Preamble. I had recess. I  learned to color in kindergarten and tie my shoes and play. I also took naps in kindergarten. I had rules. I was given expectations. I had homework. I was spanked when I deserved it. My teachers disciplined me and were supported by the principal and my parents.  I never saw a computer before I entered college.  I never used a calculator for math. I was expected to be responsible and accountable.

And, you know what? I grew into a responsible adult who can tell a square from a circle and tie her shoes. I still know my multiplication tables and the Preamble.  I use social media, but I know how to carry on a face-to-face conversation. I use paper and I don't feel guilty about killing trees (gasp!) I even learned computer programing in college and use a computer on a daily basis (who am I kidding? It is more like minute-by-minute).  I vote. I have a job. I can meet a deadline without breaking a sweat.I do my best to contribute to society. I laugh and I cry. I have friends that I wouldn't trade for anything, and my parents are my best friends. I still have respect for my teachers (even the ones that called home).

 I survived the good ole days. I turned out all right, as did many of you. So, why do things always have to change? Why are we always looking for a new way to do things? You know what they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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  1. I think there's much to be said for questioning why we do what we do! Thanks for putting yourself out there.


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