Putting God Back in School

After reading the title, some will argue that legally you can't put God back in school. But what we do forget is that, as Christians, we have rights too.  I started thinking about this after posting a reply to someone's post about what they should do in preparation for the school year. I replied that I always started my year off by praying in my classroom. I would sit at my desk and pray for wisdom and for guidance. Then I would walk around my room and pray for the students that would occupy the seats and for God's guidance and blessing in building positive relationships with my students and their parents. I prayed for our administrators and my colleagues. Admittedly, praying for some was not easy and I can't say that I meant every word I prayed, but God was faithful. He blessed me year after year.

We can also put God back in the classroom by showing kindness to our students and colleagues.  Let them see Jesus in you through your actions.  Some of your students will never see Christianity in action anywhere else. I always considered my classroom to be my mission field. I knew that I was limited, but I also knew that Christianity starts in your heart. Do I always act in a way that reflects the love of God? No, but I try and when I fail I seek forgiveness and try again.

Problem solving or behavior consequences can be a great opportunity to model integrity, honesty, and fairness to your students. Let them see how to peacefully solve issues.  I guarantee that several pair of eyes are watching you and watching how you respond. Don't beat yourself up when you fail. You are human. Failure is part of the package. By admitting this and showing your students that you are responsible and humble enough to admit mistakes and failures shows them, without words, how Christians should respond.

I pray for a blessed school year for each of you. For a year filled with numerous opportunities to model the love of Christ. For a year of learning and growing. For a year where you put God back in school.

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  1. Hello there

    Thank you for sharing this. It is hard in schools today as there is so much anti Jesus and trying to get Jesus out of schools. I like what you do is praying before hand or those coming to the school that year and those occupying the seats and those that you are going to be working with. It's really good.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. A friend, years ago, shared this with me, and it just made sense. It certainly made all the difference!


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