Inexpensive (or Free) Ways to Survive February

      We all need to be encouraged at different times, but this time of year seems to be the time that everyone has a case of 'school-itis' (or the flu).  For some reason, the shortest month of the year, feels like the longest. February. Drags. By.  Tempers get short and things that normally wouldn't bother you get on your last nerve.  To keep from losing your cool try some of these suggestions. To have an even greater blessing, do it anonymously. 

1. Smile. Just a simple smile will make someone's day. Smiles are contagious.

2. Write encouraging notes on sticky notes and place them on a colleague's desk or computer- anywhere they will find it the next morning. Write messages like: Thanks for being a good listener, Thanks for your encouragement, or I appreciate your positive attitude. Don't sign the note. Keep them guessing!

3. Buy a bag of mini candy bars and surprise your colleagues with a sweet treat! 

4. Fix a pot of hot chocolate or a pitcher of tea in the teacher's lounge for a surprise pick-me-up. I stole this idea from my Librarian Friend who had a pitcher of tea and a box of chocolates in the library. It was a welcome respite from a hectic day. 

5. Another stolen idea- place a rubber chicken ( or a stuffed animal) in an unsuspecting teacher's room. See how long it takes her to notice it. To spread the fun, notify staff to be on the lookout for the chicken. When a teacher sees the chicken in her room, she can pass it on to another unsuspecting teacher. Sounds simple and silly, but it will provide a funny diversion. 

6. If you find a good idea or resource- share it!  Soon, people will be sharing with you, easing the effort of lesson planning. 

7. And, try to avoid negative conversations.  The more you engage in negative conversations, the more negative you will become.  Being positive will help to lighten your load and keep you healthier and happier.  


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