Teacher Retirement Under Attack... Again

Teachers always seem to have a battle on their hands. We need more time. Wisely spent dollars for better resources for our kids. Fewer meetings that take us away from our classroom or family.
It seems like someone is always ready to pick a fight. "You're picking on my child." or "We're moving you to a new job assignment."  or "You need to have this report turned in .... yesterday."
Yes, teachers have their hands full solving day-to-day issues on the playground and the conference room. And, in social circles. There is always someone who thinks they know better or have more experience than the classroom teacher (even though they never taught a day in their life) and they can't wait to enlighten the teacher or challenge them.

In Missouri, this happens to be an organization called the Show-Me Institute and the founder, Rex Sinquefield.  For years, Mr. Sinquefield has been on the warpath with Missouri educators. I don't know the reason why he has chosen MO educational reform as his mission and I don't care.  What I do want is for him, and others like him, to stay out of educational reform and advisement. Use your skills elsewhere, where I am sure they are better suited,  but don't try to fix an institution that wasn't broken (until people like you started changing everything).

The Missouri Retirement System is like a magnet.  It attracts business people who want to grab a bit  for themselves. Or use it for a fund. AND take it away from the educators that worked for it. I had my paycheck reduced by 14.5% so that I could provide for my retirement. My retirement. It doesn't affect anyone but me. It doesn't take any money out of anyone's pocket but mine. It affected my take-home pay and my future.  And, I don't like the interference in my personal finances.

So, who is Rex Sinquefield? Wealthy. Multimillions to be exact. Made in the stock market. Not the classroom. Most teachers don't make it out of the poverty level, let alone to the millionaire level. I think that if Sinquefield runs out of entertainment in St. Louis, he leaves his  8,000+ sq. ft. mansion for one of his other homes. If I run out of entertainment in the living room, there is always laundry to be folded or dishes to be washed so I relocate to the utility room or the kitchen. No shortage of entertainment there!  If he wants to make a difference, he probably pays for change by donating to campaign funds and funding an organization.  If I want to make a difference, I volunteer time with kids who can't read, or visit someone who is sick, or bake a cake to surprise a friend.  I've lived in MO my entire life. Mr. Sinquefield may have been born in MO, but several records indicate that he lived out of state until 2005.

Now, he has returned and has a plan to improve things in my home state. He has an agenda and he has the money to push it.  Start looking at his campaign contributions and see where the money trail leads you. Scary. The latest senate bill that will affect the retirement funds of MO support staff is one that various organizations have traced back to the Sinquefield.  All for what? Apparently, someone who has millions and owns a glass house can afford to call the shots regardless of his lack of experience or knowledge in education.

 I don't have millions to make a difference, but I do have a heart. And, I have low tolerance for someone who uses their millions to take something from me that I have rightfully earned AND hurts the kids that I have sacrificed to serve.

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