Where in the World is Respect?

I feel like I woke up in a new world where respect has disappeared. Whatever happened to courtesy or politeness?

 I like having a man hold open a door for me. Doesn't make me feel like a weak, little woman. Not one bit. Makes me feel appreciated and ...respected. And, if I smile and say thank you, it doesn't mean that I think he's cute and want a date. I'm simply being kind. Courteous. Polite. The way my parents taught me to be.

I'm not too proud to say thank you or please.  And, it doesn't hurt my pride to hear them either.  Oh, and I have a name. It isn't Hey You. Or Teacher. If you used my proper name you might get faster and more pleasant results.   If you phrased your question in the form of a request instead of a demand, I might be more willing to go the extra mile. If you let me know that all of my attention to detail and hard work was appreciated, I'd keep it up. It doesn't take much to make me happy and it doesn't take much to ensure my loyalty. It only takes a little... respect.

You may not agree with me or even like me. That's okay. You're entitled to your opinion. But. So. Am. I. That's right. I live in America too. I can have a differing opinion and that's okay. I'm not going to be kicked out of the country or sent packing in a lifeboat. You say that you are tolerant and I am not. Okay. Then give me the same courtesy and listen to what I have to say. Don't want to hear it? Who did you say is being intolerant? I don't think I heard you correctly.

You see we live in a wonderful, crazy world that has thrived on differences and diversity for well over 200 years and all of a sudden history is offensive, tolerance is the word of the century,  and respect has been thrown out with the bath water. Waving at people is a threat, smiling at people can be considered harassment, and we have personnel guides that have grown into volumes. All to make sure that no one is offended.

You know what would solve the whole problem? Respect. Give it. Show it. Expect it.
A simple fix to a world gone crazy with political correctness. A way to bridge the gap. Listen and be heard. A way to value the opinions of others, even when you disagree.


Show this scary little resource some respect! Click on the link and check out the preview. Who doesn't like to be scared???

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  1. I totally agree with you Kim ! cause If we lose love and respect for each other, this is how we finally die.

  2. Kamel- you are so right. We need to love and respect each other!

  3. We are now so much more casual and familiar with each other than before. I think that leads to losing respect. I didn't click on the link because I am scared of scary stuff.


  4. might be still stuck somewhere, but one thing we all have in common and that is - we all are human. Puting all the differences aside, we can still respect each other and respectfully agree to disagree. Violence is never an answer.


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