Things Teachers Can't Get Away With

There are things in the real world that are allowed, and in some cases even acceptable. But, let a teacher pull one of these stunts and suddenly everyone decides that the practice is deplorable.  Take for instance returning phone calls. Recently, I called to make a doctor's appointment. For a week. I left messages. I tried numerous times to get past the cute little message, but no one returned my call. For a week.  The receptionist thought it was funny that we had been playing "phone tag" when I finally reached a human.  They had been sooooooo busy.  I had trouble finding humor in the situation. I wonder if the receptionist would think it was funny if she called her child's teacher to see how they were progressing in school. And, the teacher took a week to respond. Not so funny any more, huh?

Or what about being late.  Seems like being late is socially acceptable.  Everyone from the lawyer to the dentist to the doctor can be running 10 -15 minutes late and, hey, it can't be helped. They had an emergency or an earlier patient was late to their appointment. Okay I get that. My conferences never seemed to run on time either. You know the parent that was supposed to be there at 8 am didn't show up until 8:15. It happens. Life. Traffic accident. Train. Flat tire. I really get it. Not trying to be sarcastic here. Just ask my husband. I don't wear a watch. I'm frequently late.  What I don't get is being over an hour late.   You sit in the waiting room. Your appointment was for 2 pm. It is now past 3 pm and you still haven't been called in. Must be a really long train. What would happen if a teacher were to be an hour or more late to school? What would happen to her classroom? I'll tell you. Chaos.

Here's one. Dress Code.  New 'protests' are made everyday about dress code.   I'm an adult, I know how to pick my own clothes. I don't need a dress code telling me how to dress. Really? Guess you are aware then that when you bent over everyone in the office knew the color of your underwear???  Stretch pants?  Didn't know you took the meaning of stretch so literally. If a teacher showed up at a school assembly dressed in inappropriate attire, she would probably be tarred and feathered. This is where I'd like to say that it wouldn't happen, but...... well.. let's just say that we need a dress code until everyone develops some common sense, as well as, fashion sense.

Texting. Just about anywhere you go someone has their phone out scrolling or texting or both. Kids are even using phones in school. For educational purposes (notice the sarcasm here?).  I've been in check-out lines and the cashier was too busy texting to check me out. Or the clerk in a store standing in the corner talking on her cell phone. That's okay. Don't let me interrupt you. Oh, and by the way, the next time you come visit the classroom, I'll be sitting at my desk texting.  I might be too busy to talk to you. And, I might not know where your child is. I haven't had time to teach today. If you want to talk to me, you can send me a text message.

The truth is teacher standards have always been high. Teachers have always had rules to follow (it's called a handbook). Most teachers are, by nature, rule followers. But, the highest standard we follow is the one that we set for ourselves.  So... go ahead and have your double standard. I'll just continue following mine.

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