How Do You Spend Your Summer?

Awww.... nothing to do. No alarm clock to interrupt my reverie. No responsibilities. Just me and summer. Then reality hits. Ballgames. Summer events. Vacations. Family Reunions. Back to School. Bam! Summer's over. And, it just got started.

How do you spend your summer? Resting and relaxing or running kids to every sporting event and attending every family function?   Or, maybe you do a mixture of both. However, you spend your time the biggest plus (for me) is not setting the alarm. I hate, yes hate, my alarm. My body hates my alarm. That annoying little intrusive piece of electronics!

My summer is just my sweetheart and me and our furry babies. And responsibilities. Lots of them. Obligations. Well-meaning people that think I have nothing to do because I'm on summer break.
Well... actually... I don't get a summer break where I currently work. Our classes are year-round. No breaks. No summer (that's okay- I'm only part-time).  So all of those good intentions about signing me up or insinuating that I have nothing better to do all day, please just let them slip right out of your mind.  Please don't think of me first because you know I'm just dying of boredom. I'm not.

I'm good at keeping myself busy. I know that you don't think sitting at a computer typing a blog or those little ole lessons for kiddos is work. I know that you think this is child's play. I know that you think catching up on household chores, or doing the routine laundry doesn't take up much of my time so surely I'd like a little diversion. Maybe... not so much.

You see... teachers work a whole, entire year in just 9 months! That's right, we cram 12 months of work into 36 weeks.  Summer is our time to catch up, spend with our families, do things we want or need to do. Summer is our time. So, thanks for thinking of us...  but....

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  1. I teach all summer as well. My pre-school and after school literacy groups are done for the year but I still have all my private students. The pace is more relaxed. I'm trying not to fill every minute of it with other commitments!

  2. A relaxed pace makes everything seem more fun and .... well.... more relaxed! :). Enjoy your summer!


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