What are Teachers and Schools Responsible For?

Your child doesn't bring home the note from the teacher. Whose fault it is? Your child is failing a class. Who is to blame?  Your child is hungry. Is it the schools' responsibility to feed them? Too often the answers come back: 1) the teacher  2) the teacher 3) yes
In summary, schools and teachers are being held accountable for more and more as parents continue to shirk their responsibility  Now, before you get upset because you were a room mother and very active in your child's education, this is not about you. This is about the parent that turned their parenting responsibilities over to school districts and teachers. This is about the parent that believes there has to be someone to blame and it must be the teacher. This is the parent that never answers their phone or attends a parent conference. In fact, they never contact the school unless there is something wrong. Then they contact the school flinging out their accusations about a callous teacher and impersonal school system that doesn't care about their child.

Why is it that the kids who are doing well and not having behavioral issues are always the kids that have involved parents? Why is it that the kids who are struggling with behavior and academic issues have parents that only want to complain? They don't want to be bothered with their child's needs, but when they are contacted about an issue they are ready to cast blame anywhere but on themselves. The truth of the matter is..... it should't be a blame game that no-one will win. It should be about taking responsibility for the things that you are responsible for.

Some parents don't feed their children before school because they know the school will provide breakfast and lunch. Some children rely on school programs for their food, even week-end snack packs. This makes me furious.  Not that schools are providing meals for needy children, but that parents are not taking care of their kids. I do realize that there are special circumstances where parents need some help, but too many have come to rely on and expect it.  I often wonder who really eats the meals that are sent in the week-end snack packs? Does the food actually go to the child that needs it? What about children in the home that are not school age? Are they also going hungry?  Too many adults are standing around with their hands out expecting a donation while the rest of us are working long hours just to keep everything going.

Some parents neglect their child's educational needs. They don't get them to school on time or they pick them up early. Sometimes they don't even bother making them come to school. Then it becomes the teacher's/school's fault that the child is struggling academically.  It is a little hard to teach someone who isn't present. You want me to educate your child? Bring your child to school ready to learn. Not worried about where they are going to sleep tonight or if mom and dad are going to have another fight. Not hungry because no one bothered to fix them something to eat and they are tired of cereal. Don't bring your children to school with the attitude that all the work to be done is the teacher's responsibility because the hardest work will be done by them. Don't drop them off at the door and expect the teacher to work miracles. Don't tell them that the teacher can't do anything if they misbehave. Don't ignore the teacher's calls or notes. Be a participant. Be involved. Accept some responsibility. Be a parent.

Just an ending note*
This is one of my 'hot buttons'. I love kids. All ages and sizes.  I can't stand to see anyone neglected or hurt. This cycle of uninvolved and neglectful parents needs to be broken. Too many innocents are becoming statistics and growing into adults that continue the cycle of abuse.

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