Surviving Turmoil

We've all been there. We've all had the conference where you just wanted to crawl under a rock, or the school year where you wished you could hibernate until school was out for summer. Maybe you are having the day where nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is going right.  No matter what you do nothing turns out right.  Time to just throw up your hands. And... Let it go. That's right. Let go. If you want to keep your sanity and have any peace. Just let it go. Accept that you are not perfect and will not get along with every child, every parent, and every colleague. Accept that every idea you have is not wonderful and will not be a success. Some, in fact, will be absolute failures.

Take, for example, a resource that I have worked on for a month. I've done extensive research. Purchased clipart. Purchased Adobe Pro. And, guess what??  I've run into a major problem that I can't solve. I thought about waking up my husband so I would have someone to scream at, or I could just sit and cry and throw pillows. Maybe I should lay in the floor and kick and scream or send nasty messages to tech support. But none of these really fit me. Not my style. I would feel worse afterwards than I do now (if that is possible).

If you are like me, you have trouble letting problems go. You are a solver. You want to fix things. It is hard to accept that some things can't be fixed and some problems don't have solutions (at least not anything in the immediate future).  So, after exhausting every last possibility, I realize that I have to let it go. It is time to hand the problem over to God and say, "Here, I've made a mess of things again. I'm tired and frustrated. I need some help."  Then let it go. The amazing thing is, He has been waiting for the past few hours for me to get to this point. Why do I have to be at the breaking point before I let God 'fix it'?  Because I'm a human that likes to be in control and solve my own problems. Because I'm stubborn.

So, before that next difficult conference, write out some points that you want to cover. Meet with your administrator in advance to go over these key points and discuss some strategies. Have all your documentation handy. For the 'school year that never ends' remember to breath every once in awhile. It helps. And for all of those ideas that flop, remember some of the famous 'failures' and how they learned from their mistakes. And, in every situation, pray.

I hope that you are easing up on yourself (we are way too hard on ourselves) and taking some much needed R & R this summer. I hope that you are letting go and gearing up. For me, I'll try one more time (after I pray), then I will give up, get some sleep, and see what tomorrow brings.

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