What do Teachers Want to Read?

When you start blogging, you usually have tons of ideas (or at least a soap box to get on), but as time goes by your ideas begin to seem pretty stale.  You look at what is trending or read what teachers are saying, but you still have to find something that teachers want to read. Something that will benefit, even if it just hits home and gives them something to identify with.  Teachers don't necessarily care about current, trending topics unless they can relate to them.

It is usually the negative type post that have the biggest following. That tells me that teachers are fed up. They want to read about real life, things that are actually happening, and what can be done.  They want to know how to fix a broken system. Unfortunately, there is no quick or easy fix. The system didn't get broken overnight, so it won't be fixed overnight either.  Reading about problems and solutions can be therapeutic.  You know that you are not alone, that other teachers have been in your shoes. You make a connection.

When you read something positive, you are encouraged. You know that things are better somewhere else and they can be better where you are, also.  Teachers who have no hope in their current situation, desperately want hope. They want answers that make sense. Solutions that work.  Reading about others that have triumphed shines a light in their dark tunnel.

I can tell when I have hit a nerve and when I strike out.  It isn't always easy finding a topic that everyone can relate to (or will even like), but blogging gives you an opportunity to make connections with others that share your ups and downs. With people that share a common interest and goal.

Keep counting down those days to Christmas break!

The winner from last week's share is Mary Love Strange. Congratulations Mary! And thanks to everyone who shared my post.

Just in time for Christmas!!
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