Five Character Traits of a Teacher

Teachers share a unique set of character traits and a special bond. Teachers can spot each other a mile away.

Teachers are:

1. Flexible- We have our plans and materials prepared for a great day of learning. Then, we get the email... Assembly today at 10:00am.  Change of plans.  We are in the middle of a deep discussion with our students, a real moment of learning. Fire alarm sounds and we all head outdoors while the fire department is summoned to investigate the cause of the alarm.  A mishap in the kitchen is to blame, but our students can't stop speculating on the possible causes.  Skip to plan B, use this new teachable moment to your advantage.

2. Creative- Who else saves toilet paper rolls and empty lotion containers?  Who feels a thrill go up their spine when they visit a recycling center?  Who can see past the shabby old rolling cart to see a new stand for a projector?  Who collects used Christmas cards?  Who would dare to enter a paper store to ask for paper scraps for their literacy center? A teacher!

3. Determined- Teachers want the best for their kids and will go to any length to see that they achieve success.  Teachers will spend hours trying to figure out how to best reach a struggling student. They will also spend hours working with students on the same concept until the lightbulb goes off.

4. Protective- Just say something negative about a teacher's student and watch her hackles rise.  A teacher's students are her kids, and just like a momma that protects her babies, teachers protect their kids.  A teacher can express concerns about one of their own, or even tell a funny story, but let someone else cross the line.... watch out!  

5. Tireless- Who else spends 70-80 hours per week working or preparing for work?  Who is up first and goes to bed last?  Stay up until 1 or 2 am grading papers?  You must be a teacher.  Woke up with a headache on field day?  Be like a teacher and take an aspirin and keep going.  Stumped on how to teach a new concept to students that fail to see connections?  Do what a teacher does, spend hours asking and looking for solutions.

 Be like a teacher!  Be fearless, be a hero, be durable, be YOU!

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