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I am an animal lover. Anyone who knows me, knows that. Everything, but reptiles, but especially cats.  I was appalled with the recent headlines concerning Cecil, the friendly lion from Zimbabwe.  In fact, I am appalled every time an animal is killed for purposes other than food or to put it out of its' misery. I think hunting for sport is wrong, inhumane, and horrible. Well, don't even get me started on baiting in the prey. So, it comes as no surprise that I would be upset and angered by this man's selfish actions.

Then, someone posted a picture of a child starving in Zimbabwe. And, for the first time I really saw what I have heard about in the news and from my boss, a native of Zimbabwe. Children are starving.  Really. I used to think that all the commercials were just a hoax to get my money. But over the past year, I have heard Dr. B. talk passionately about the need to help the children of Zimbabwe. I have listened to and been emotionally moved by his words, but until I saw the picture comparing the life of a child to that of a lion, it wasn't real. Whether the picture was real or not, God made it real, to me, in that instant.

I couldn't go to sleep last night. I kept thinking of my selfishness and the way I've turned a blind eye to problems that don't directly affect me. I am so ashamed. I worry about running out of creamer for my coffee and losing electricity in a thunderstorm (I don't want to lose my air conditioning in this heat wave!).  But there are defenseless, innocent children, who are the victims of their country, who have no one to help them. Children who have never had a decent meal, let alone cream in their coffee.  Children who have never had air conditioning and live in one of the hottest regions of the world.

I have heard the argument that we have starving children right here in the United States, so why would we help foreigners. Yes, there are children that go without in the United States. I have seen it in the classroom and I have fed many. We don't have to look starvation in the face on a daily basis. We don't see children dying of starvation in our schools or on our streets. The majority of Americans live in comfort compared to those in other countries. What it comes down to is this: Would you let a child starve just because they didn't share your ethnic background?

Zimbabwe is home to the beauty of Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba, but it is also home to children who live with the fallout of mining practices that have left toxic waste behind. Zimbabwe is home to orphans at the hands of AIDS.  Zimbabwe is the home of people just like you and me. Well, maybe not just like you and me. They are happy with the clothes on their backs. They are content to have a cup of uncontaminated water.  And, they are dying.

I am still appalled by the tragic shooting of Cecil. I still love animals. But, now I better understand the plight of children in Zimbabwe. Now, I will listen to Dr. B. more closely and ask how I can help.
I want to make a difference.

If you are interested in ways to help, send me an email and I will connect you with Dr. B.

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